As CFCFE approaches its second birthday, we want to accelerate our research outputs for our members and the wider community finance sector.

To date, CFCFE directors have produced several papers (here), but we want more output and more diversity of voices. If you are a reputable researcher with something to say about credit unions, CDFIs or other community finance organisations, we want to hear from you. If you know someone like this, pass the message on!

CFCFE aims to publish academically rigorous research papers and other outputs that will be of practical and actionable help to the Centre’s stakeholders (primarily the CEOs, volunteer directors and senior staff at our member and potential member organisations). Our objective is to help them identify and adopt new services, better engage their communities, improve their business practices, protect their values, mitigate the risks they face, and facilitate their collaboration for the common good.

CFCFE has high credibility in its sector with practitioners, trade associations and policy-makers. Partnering with us for research offers access to a pool of progressive and active practitioners for research activity, an audience of interested and demanding practitioners for research outputs and visibility and credibility by association within the community finance sector. We can also make modest research grants in support of projects. Our Guidelines for Researchers can be found here.

If you have a proposal or simply want to discuss ideas, contact Dr Paul A. Jones, Director of Research,