Now available, a video of the ILCU small loans webinar on 5th October. View here using the passcode SmallLoans.

Nick and Paul from Swoboda, and co-author Lorraine Corcoran from Afanite, were excited to present to a large webinar audience of Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) members and other credit unions and stakeholders on the recent Swoboda report, Small Loans: credit unions best kept secret?

Alongside data about the small loans market, Lorraine, Nick and Paul highlighted what they characterise as “the conundrum” of small loans for credit unions: they are very much valued by and availed of by a significant proportion of members, while at the same time, they generate minimal income and can be costly to manage, administer and control and may imply cross-subsidy from other members. How or should credit unions do more of this form of lending? In the Q&A, webinar attendees discussed these issues and more. You can watch the webinar for free, using the link details above.

The research was funded by the ILCU..