The Swoboda Research Centre welcomes its members, and all interested in the credit union sector in Ireland, Britain and beyond, to participate its next exciting conference, in Dublin on Friday 20th May. The conference is all about how credit union lending can help individuals and businesses with the transition to environmental sustainability. Register for the conference here.

Whether it is homes, offices, vehicle fleets or community facilities, significant investment is required in the coming decade to rapidly reduce harmful fossil fuel emissions in our societies. This will need finance, and credit unions need to lend. We want to look at what credit unions are doing now and what their future lending opportunities will and could be.We have a fantastic line-up of speakers, with Minister of State Seán Fleming offering his reflections on legislative change for credit unions, and the role of credit unions in supporting the green agenda, and:

Plus lots of opportunities for Q&A with presenters and discussion between attendees. The full agenda is available here.

This conference will be in-person only. Proceedings will start at 10.00am and finish by 3.30pm. Attendees are encouraged to stay for networking and conversation afterwards. Register for the conference here.

Swoboda’s membership is a diverse range of over 50 credit unions from Ireland and Great Britain, and conference guests will include credit union regulators and policymakers.

Swoboda is grateful to its corporate members for their support for this conference: AsOne Business Development, Cantor Fitzgerald, CUFA Ltd, ECCU Assurance, OCWM LawSolution Centre.