Chris Smith is back! With a new addition to the Talking Credit Unions podcast series, Chris is joined by Swoboda directors Paul Jones and Nick Money to discuss projects, papers and conferences coming up at the Swoboda Research Centre. 

Chris speaks with Paul about new research into credit union lending, including analysis of small loans in Ireland, family loans, and payroll loans in Britain and revolving credit. Chris then picks up with Nick on the topic of sustainability and the role that credit unions can play, with new papers coming on this and on how credit unions can respond to the ESG agenda. The importance of good governance is discussed as Swoboda is working on an updated version of the influential 2017 credit union governance manual. 

Chris highlights the next edition of the Swoboda conferences on 23rd May in Portlaoise, Ireland, with the topic ‘Who Do We Serve’. There is also mention of new faces at Swoboda, with two interns starting in early January and the introduction of new directors later in March. 

Finally, Chris interviews Jonathan Moore on his recent Reflections paper for Swoboda, the opportunity through collaboration for credit unions raise their profile and influence. 

Download the podcast here.  

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