Chris Smith is back, with a podcast that investigates how credit unions have emerged from the pandemic. Chris notes that the past two years have provided the ultimate stress test for the financial, operational, competitive, and cultural resiliency of credit unions, while at the same time this crisis has amplified the essential role credit unions can play in the lives of their members and communities.

Chris speaks to credit unions and stakeholders in Britain and Ireland, and hears how this environment presents the opportunity for credit unions to re-think not only their operating norms but also how to position the organisation to make an even greater impact on employees, members, and communities. Chris’ interviewees are Dave McAuley, CEO at Donore Credit Union, Dublin, Dermot O’Neill, CEO at the Scottish League of Credit Unions, Robert Kelly, CEO at the Association of British Credit Unions Ltd (ABCUL) and Anthony Morrow, Founder of app-based money advice supplier OpenMoney.

Download the podcast here.

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