The Co-operative Bank: A Case study of the Co-operative Difference


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Swoboda is delighted to be releasing a new paper on The Co-operative Bank: a case study on the Co-operative Difference.

The author of our latest Reflections paper is Barry Clavin, a member of the team that built The Co-operative Bank’s innovative and impactful Ethical Policy in Britain in the 1990s.


In this piece, Barry describes how the Bank sought to make its co-operative values tangible, meaningful and customer-led, enabling it to offer something that its competition could not, notably through an innovative but also rigorous Ethical Policy. This statement remains in place today as a key reason for the loyalty of many of its customers, despite a bumpy ride in recent years for the Bank. Barry considers how the Bank’s experience and approach might offer some guidance to credit unions, in how they reflect their values to the world and reaffirm their positive differences in their communities and in the financial services marketplace. Barry also offers a call to action for the movements in GB and Ireland to collaborate on the way forward.