£1,000.00 / year

Membership gives subscribers free access to the core benefits of Swoboda membership – research reports and papers, tickets to conferences and connections to credit unions and other providers across Ireland and Great Britain. By being a member, subscribers contribute to the existence and development of a dedicated, not-for-profit research organisation.



  • Stimulating change and supporting research for the benefit of the movement
  • Free and early access to research
  • 2 Free tickets to the two annual conferences in GB and Ireland
  • 80% Discount on additional conference tickets
  • Exclusive, 50% discounted access to the pre-conference Dinners (max. 3 attendees)
  • Free or discounted access to other events
  • Acknowledgment in publications and on website
  • Ability to influence the research agenda
  • Exclusive, 50% discounted access to Sensemakers webinar programme for CEOs
  • Direct access to Swoboda expertise