Be Intentional About Your Culture… It Matters


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This paper addresses the vital organisational issue of culture. The author is Fintan Ryan, executive coach and former credit union CEO in Canada and Ireland. Here, Fintan shares his thoughts on the importance of culture and offers invaluable guidance on how credit union leaders can create and support a culture that reflects credit union values and principles, as well as the unique features of an individual organisation.


Last year Matt Bland argued for credit unions to be deliberate about purpose, and in Be Intentional Fintan observes that “Credit unions cannot simply rely on the fact they are a co-operative to define their culture; leaders must be intentional or there will always be a gap between what is needed to thrive and ‘what really goes on here’.”

If the marketing guru Peter Drucker is right (see image), culture must be an absolute priority for credit union CEOs and boards. This paper provides an excellent starting point for taking on this challenge.