In the summer we produced an assessment of the rules around credit unions holding Annual General Meetings (AGMs) online, instead of or – as well as – face-to-face (Virtual AGMs: a guide for credit unions. Part I: the Compliance Issues). Now we are releasing a new paper, sent to CFCFE members in September, that focuses on how to deliver a successful online AGM.

AGMs are vital events in the good governance of a credit union and an opportunity to engage members. Our research suggests that while there are clear risks of digital exclusion, virtual meetings can facilitate participation by many people who would not be able to get to a physical meeting. The technical and practical aspects of running a big, formal meeting online can, however, appear daunting. In this guide, we consider these issues, including how to ensure attendees are members, how to manage voting and questions and important communications. Click here or on the picture to read the paper.

If you have experience of convening a virtual AGM and have useful tips for making it work, do let us know, contact