Why is youth important for #cooperatives? And what are our members doing in this regard? We are about to have a glance at the topic of Youth & #Cooperatives with exciting inputs from Austria @raiffeisen_at, Kenya @kuscco and India #ICNW #WWF!

The Scottish Government has introduced a new Cost-of-Living advice website to provide help to those struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

Visit the website here:

#Costofliving #Costoflivingsupport #Financialwellbeing #Costoflivingcrisis

Finance Minister @conormurphysf today met with CEO David Malone and Martin Fisher from @creditunionie to discuss the important role credit unions play in local communities here.

Did you know we've been successfully managing funds and making loans in a specialist market for almost 50 years?

We can offer elements of our work as services to other bodies.

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