Communications professional and long-time credit unionist Chris Smith has launched the UK’s first credit union-focused podcast series, ‘Chris Smith is Talking Credit Unions’. This exciting new addition to the movement’s resources offers interviews with relevant subject matter experts and news on projects and initiatives around the sector. Chris’ target listeners are workers, leaders and directors of credit unions, as well as ancillary businesses and trade associations.

Chris says: “I love the medium of radio and recorded voice and many people enjoy the opportunity to take information, in a fast moving world, via the recorded voice. I listened to podcasts from other national credit union movements and thought we can do better than that. We’re as interesting as them, aren’t we?”

We agree! The first full episode, from December 2019, is available here, including an interview with Abbie Shelton, who is leading an oral history project, and with Nick  Money regarding the upcoming CFCFE conference. Chris has a great programme planned for 2020, and the next three months’ episodes will consider the importance of brand to credit unions, how best to structure staff teams to meet member needs and the relevance of fintech. Although Chris is focused on the UK, we think our credit union members and friends in Ireland and beyond will find the topics informative and interesting.