Since its foundation, CFCFE has had a Research Advisory Board which advises the Centre on research standards and quality, and oversees peer review of the CFCFE’s publications. Its members are distinguished academic and professional experts who have demonstrated qualifications in specialist areas relevant to the Centre’s work. The members of the Advisory Board are shown here.

So we are excited to announce a new appointment to the Advisory Board – Roger Marsh, who will be familiar to many within the credit union movement, in the UK in particular. Roger is an independent consultant who retired from the Bank of England in 2018 after serving in a number of senior roles including heading the credit unions team at the Prudential Regulation Authority, which was responsible for the prudential supervision of UK credit unions and for credit union prudential policy. Roger has held various positions with supervisory bodies in the UK since 1993. He is also a Solicitor, England & Wales, Attorney at Law, New York, and has practised as a Solicitor in New South Wales and the Australian Federal Jurisdiction. He is a Member (Retired) of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. In 2015 and again in 2019 he was a member of the ICURN team which undertook the statutory peer review of credit union supervision in Ireland.

Roger’s deep and diverse experience in financial services regulation will be extremely valuable to CFCFE as part of the Advisory Board, which provides assurance on the quality and range of CFCFE’s research. We welcome Roger to CFCFE and look forward to working with him.