Nick and Paul at Swoboda are delighted to be joined this year by two students from the University of Galway in Ireland. Malachy Feeney and Mary Hachey are both third year undergraduates in Government, and will be working with Swoboda until the end of May, focused in particular on helping the organisation grow its membership.

Malachy Feeney 

I joined the Swoboda team in early January as an intern as part of my college degree and so far, I must say it has been a fantastic experience. This internship has given me great insight into the world of credit unions and the ways in which they function in society. I have also been given the chance to meet and talk to many experts in this area of work and hear their opinions on a variety of topics regarding credit unions. The role given to me by Swoboda is exactly what I was looking for in an internship, full of a variety of tasks and experiences which leaves me very excited for what the following months may entail.

Mary Hachey

I also started my internship in January. My focus has been on keeping Swoboda’s audience up to date on all of our latest research and upcoming events, particularly concentrating on our “Who do we serve?” credit union conference coming up on 23rd May. The opportunity to network with professionals in this field has been extremely informative and rewarding. I have really enjoyed diving into this role and I am so happy to develop valuable skills, interact with such hard-working individuals. I am truly optimistic about what we will be able to accomplish in the next few months. 

Nick says, “Mary and Malachy have been brilliant to work with, and shown real enthusiasm for credit unions. I’m enjoying working with them and hope they get the skills and experience they want, while helping us support our members. We are grateful to the University of Galway for giving Swoboda, Mary and Malachy this opportunity to work together.”

You can meet our new team members at the conference on 23rd May, if not before.