Credit Union Governance Toolkit

This is Swoboda’s Credit Union Governance Toolkit. On this page you can find a manual on governance and a range of templates and tools that can be adapted for use by individual credit unions.

These materials are the outcome of a Cornerstone-sponsored research project for Liverpool John Moores University from 2014-2017, authored by Swoboda’s co-founders, Dr Paul A. Jones, Nick Money and Ralph Swoboda. Swoboda is grateful to all the credit unions who have offered their own templates and provided feedback in developing this toolkit. 

In order to keep the toolkit current, a full review and re-publication is planned. Comment and feedback from users is welcomed. Please contact Nick at

Credit Union Strategic Governance

This is a manual covering all aspects of governance. The key theme is the distinction of roles between governance (properly the responsibility of the Board) and management (properly the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer and the staff team). The manual can be downloaded here or by clicking on the picture.

The chapters in this guide provide the context and explanation for the templates and example documents provided below.

The manual is also available here in Romanian (with thanks to Erasmus+).