Join report authors and other credit union people in discussing how to deliver this important service.

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In June, Swoboda published a detailed report on Pennine Community Credit Union’s (PCCU) Family Loan and Savings Scheme (where Child Benefit is paid directly into the credit union by the Government for savings and loan repayment). Many credit unions in Britain now offer a family loan product, but there are variations in practice across the sector, some of which have been challenged as detrimental by debt advice agencies. This research, primarily based on feedback from members but also looking at how things are done in other credit unions, was led by David Harris and Tia Warbrick from PCCU and guided by Paul Jones from Swoboda. It sought to understand how the PCCU product was supporting members and where there might be opportunities to improve it. The evidence pointed to a clear endorsement of the service by members.

This free webinar will be facilitated by Nick Money and Paul from Swoboda, and include a presentation summarising the report from David and Tia from PCCU, who will share their organisational learning. It offers a valuable opportunity for practitioners and stakeholders to ask questions of the PCCU team and engage in discussion of how this important service can be delivered effectively and appropriately, and there may also be lessons for wider issues of member service too. The session will be of interest to credit unions who already offer this product as well as those contemplating introducing it or a similar service.

12.00-1.30pm on Wednesday 13th September. Use the button above to register and receive a link from Zoom to access the event.