AsOne Digital Marketing, based in Manchester, UK, has become a corporate member of CFCFE, and have offered to provide to us a regular blog with advice for marketing your credit unions. These articles will be written by the experts at AsOne and will be on the website, available to CFCFE members for free.

Nik from AsOne says, “we have a wealth of experience when it comes to financial marketing. We’ve successfully guided credit unions to continued profit and membership growth over the last two decades. Utilising digital marketing techniques we have been able to help develop online strategies with a high degree of success. Our marketing guides will cover a host of topics designed to help you to grow your online business, and will be grounded in the demonstrable successes from the past and present.”

The topics will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Marketing Techniques From social media to PPC advertising, it can be hard to know where to start with marketing your credit union. The blogs will walk you through the fundamentals for successful digital campaigns, and give you ideas about what makes each technique suitable.
  • Digital Tools By reaching the largest possible market for the lowest possible cost, digital tools have led to successes for some top financial firms – these guides will help you to understand how they could benefit your credit union
  • Data Trends How can understanding data help you to run your business better? For example, finding the optimum time to run your promotions and prioritise certain types of loans over others – AsOne will share their experience of how to do this successfully.

AsOne’s blogs will be specifically constructed for CFCFE members. AsOne case studies can be viewed at

We hope you enjoy these blogs – the first one will arrive in March.