Many credit unionists will be aware of the Development Educator (DE) programme, which is designed to provide credit union employees and volunteers with a greater understanding of the international credit union system. There is an upcoming opportunity to participate in the DE programme locally to British and Irish credit unions: 20th-26th September, in Edinburgh.

The DE training course has been held since 2004 to promote the importance of the credit union movement, enhance leadership and business skills and to facilitate collaboration and networking across the credit union sector – it is specifically designed to provide individuals with an insight into the co-operative principles, the credit union movement philosophy and international development issues which challenge credit unions today.

The programme is a six day residential course and facilitated by Marlene Shiels (UK) and Lois Kitsch (USA). Attendees will meet and connect with peers from all parts of the world within the credit union sector, including frontline staff, volunteers, CEOs and directors. It’s a unique experience, with an invigorating mixture of group work, individual work, influential speakers and presentations. On completion, participants join an active alumni community.

Could this be useful or interesting to you as an employee or volunteer with a credit union? More information here or apply directly to join the programme here.