CFCFE is looking ahead to 2021, and we are keen to continue to expand our range of research outputs and authors. If you are a consultant or researcher with something to say to the credit union movement in Ireland, the UK or Europe, we would be very keen to hear from you.

We are particularly keen to publish in the following areas: Business Model (including purpose, strategy, proposition), the Credit Union Difference (encompassing marketing, products, membership and diversity), Leadership (especially in relation to chief executives) and Efficiency and Effectiveness (in operations and risk management).

We are not looking for significant primary research initiatives (although those are welcome!), but in particular for the re-pointing of existing knowledge to be made directly relevant to the credit union movement, generally in relatively short papers of 3,000-6,000 words. You can see our archive at

CFCFE papers are read by practitioners and policy-holders and have proven their influence in the sector, so this is a great opportunity to ensure that your research leads to on-the-ground change. We may also be able to offer modest financial contributions to authors or institutions.

We would be very happy to discuss your ideas. Contact our Director of Research, Dr Paul A. Jones, +447939 566552‬

Please help us make 2021 a year of inspiration for credit unions.