“Successful leadership of an organisation is a shared function between a board and its CEO and depends on this appreciation of partnership rather than a hierarchy (even though the CEO remains ultimately accountable to the board). These two functions do not work in isolation but rather they are mutually inter-dependent and work with one another for the success of the business.”

Strengthening Governance Relationships … Think Laurel and Hardy, Paul Rooney, 2023

Today Swoboda releases the first in a planned series on credit union governance, updating and making more accessible the influential report that Paul Jones, Ralph Swoboda and Nick Money wrote in 2017, Credit Union Strategic Governance. Paul Rooney, Executive Director at Constituent and an experienced consultant on credit union governance and strategy, has written a short piece on the vital relationship between the board and the chief executive officer (CEO). Directors and executives sometimes struggle to understand their respective roles and work effectively together. In this paper, address these issues and offers guidance on how to function successfully together. The board / CEO relationship is vital to organisational success, so this is an important read for anyone in a leadership role at a credit union.

Download the paper here, or click on the cover page (right).